Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday!

For my first Friday post, I wanted to do a "5 on Friday" for everyone!  You just write a blog about five things on your mind today (this week), anything goes! I go! 

1. The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.  
Yep, I'm talking about Hostess products!  Glorious Twinkies  fabulous cupcakes, amazing little powder donuts and spectacular little chocolate donuts (they are the breakfast of champions you know! :)  I've mourned their passing incredibly hard, so when I heard they were coming back, well, I just about shouted from my rooftop!  Seriously!  I think....think I did a little dance!  But I confess to nothing!   I LOVE me some Twinkies!  Nolan was pretty much formed in momma's tummy on Twinkies so I am pleased as punch they're back, baby!  Yahoo!!  So truly it is the SWEETEST COMEBACK IN THE HISTORY OF EVER! :)  Thank you Hostess!  I'm in heaven!  YUM!

2. Fall-like weather!
Our weather has been fantastic! Highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's and 60's!  It reminds me of fall!  And I love fall!!  Fall is my favorite time of year!  So I'm loving weather that is giving me that fall-feeling so early!  I know it will go away, but I'll take what I can get! :)  Fall is Fabulous!  Fall is my happy place!   And I love fall in Iowa! :)

3.  Date night at home.  
I am enjoying my date night at home with my hubby!  Our little man is spending the night with his grandparents so that leaves us home alone.  And we like it when we get some time to spend together alone and it's even better in our jammies at home!  We did go for a long walk in the crisp autumn-like evening we're having with Alesha and Mark (and Miss B - Alesha's Cocker Spaniel).  It felt great!  Then we came home, had a yummy, healthy dinner and are watching some TV in our basement family room on the BIG TV!  Right now we're watching Scandal and loving it!  So a great date night at home!

4. Bridesmaid dress shopping.
Tomorrow we're going bridesmaid dress shopping with a few of Alesha's bridesmaids that live in the area.  So Alesha, me, Sheila, Christine and Becky are heading to David's Bridal to start the hunt for bridesmaid dresses!   Alesha made a FABULOUS decision and is letting us all choose our own dresses they just all have to be the same color: Plum.  Which is gorgeous!  So I put some of my choices in my favorites list and will see what looks good tomorrow.  And I have to remember that tomorrow is just a starting place!  I'm not deciding or buying!  Just looking and getting an idea what might work.  So far, these three are my favorites!  Can't wait to try them on!   Can't wait to spend the morning and first part of the afternoon with my sis and friends!  Definitely a "stone-cold pack of weirdos!"  Lots of laughs! Love it!  It's going to be fun! :)

5.  My parents "cruise around our small town" golf cart!
My parents bought a used golf cart from some friends to cruise around town since we live in a town of 1500 people!  Several people have them and it works.  So they brought it by last Sunday and Nolan is enamored with it!  He cruised around with Gpa Mike on Sunday and then again tonight he got to drive it around their place by himself and was loving every minute of it!  But who wouldn't!?  When I was 7, I would have been in heaven!  So that's Nolan's new toy! :)  Look at that smile! be that young and innocent again!  Love that smile! :)

Phew!  I just made it before the clock clicked over to midnight our time!  My first 5 on Friday!  
Enjoy! :)


Pam West said...

My vote is for dress #2 above! It would look fabulous on you! Love your blog, Vic. So good to see you online and read your happy thoughts! :-)
Pam W.

Victoria Stamm said...

Thanks, Pam!! You're so sweet! I ended up with a different one and it's even prettier! Totally different than I thought I'd like! Very happy with my choice! I'll reveal in due time! :)

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